Some links to our authors, photographers, friends and other artists.

/// Peperoni Books authors

Michael Wolf

… is photographer and is known for his remarkable architecture photographs. His projects „Architecture of Density“ and „100 x 100“ are now published under the title “Hong Kong Inside Outside”, which consists of two books in a slipcase, with Peperoni Books.

Jo Röttger

… is photographer and lives in Hamburg. He now publishes “Wilson’s World”, his portrait of the great theater man Robert Wilson, with Peperoni Books.

Isadora Tast

… is a photographer from Hamburg and is known for her sensitive portraits of people in their living and working environment. She has published her book „Mother India – Searching for a place“ with Peperoni Books in September 2009.

Oliver Möst

… is photographer and lives and works in Berlin. In his works he primarily deals with the theme of haziness. In 2009 he has published his book “Clackastigmat 6.0” with Peperoni Books.

Henrik Spohler

... is photographer and has published his book "Global Soul" with Peperoni Books.

Hermann Josef Hack

… is artist and primarily deals with global themes. He has published his “Climate Refugee Guide Berlin” with Peperoni Books.

Julia Baier

… is photographer and has published her book “Sento” with Peperoni Books.

Marei Wenzel und Iris Czak

... are photographers and location scouts and have published the book “Schauplatz: Berlin” with Peperoni Books.

Hannes Wanderer

... is the founder and chief of the publishing house, he works as a freelance photographer and is expert of the processing of sophisticated print- and internet projects.

Andreas Göx

... is photographer and project partner of Hannes Wanderer.

Maki Shimizu

... is a “small” Japanese artist and has published "Makis Haustierbuch" with Peperoni Books.

Andreas Müller-Pohle

... is photographer and editor of "European Photography". His book "Danube River Project" was released by Peperoni Books.

/// Peperoni Books more links

Wanderer Werbedruck

... the printing press, which produces all of the Peperoni Books.

Bodo von Hodenberg

… is founder and chief of „Bildschöne Bücher“. With the agency and the publishing house he has totally specialized in publishing visually appealing, beautiful books about photography, art, design and architecture way beyond the everyday demand.

Viola Binacchi

.... is designer and illustrator and has designed some of the Peperoni Books.


... takes care of the international distribution of Peperoni Books.

18m - Galerie für Zahlenwerte

... shows the works by Hannes Wanderer in exhibitions.