Thomas Hoepker
Big Champ

In 2012 Thomas Hoepker´s book ›Champ‹ has been published by Peperoni Books. Three editions are completely sold out. With ›Big Champ‹ there is now an extended new version of the book with a larger format, many more pages and a lot of so far unpublished photographs from the archives of Thomas Hoepker and Magnum.» more

Julia Baier
In Tune - Variations on an Orchestra

For 15 years, the photographer Julia Baier travels with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen to the most famous concert halls in the world and is present at the highly acclaimed performances. » more

Morgan Ashcom

A mighty strong book by American photographer Morgan Ashcom photographed in Skatopia, Ohio. » more

Gerry Badger
It Was a Grey Day
Photographs of Berlin

And then Gerry Badger appears and photographs in ›one of his favorite cities‹ - and is baffled by the images that he has made, as they look so downbeat compared to his conscious idea of the city ... » more

Andreas Trogisch


About his photographs Andreas Trogisch says:›In the end it is only light and dark spots on paper, that evoke various emotions.‹

Six photo folders and lately the big book REPLIES have already been published by Peperoni Books, filled with run-of-the-mill motifs which left us marveling and puzzled. The mystery of the banal. I do not understand the world anymore. No one does. » more

Michael Wolf / Lam Yik Fei

Hong Kong Umbrella

Hong Kong's rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book HONG KONG UMBRELLA he turns his attention to countless umbrellas in the Back Alleys of the metropolis. » more