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Peperoni Books-titles arranged in descending order according to their publication date

Real Life Dramas
Mary Frey :: Real Life Dramas

The rediscovery of a great American photographer.» more

Berlin By Numbers
Silke Helmerdig :: Berlin By Numbers / London From A – Z

Berlin is numbered from 1 - 100, London comes as an alphabet from A - Z.» more

Hennric Jokeit :: Goodhope

In 2009 Hennric Jokeit travelled from Zurich to Cape Town for the first time. Over the next six years, he frequently returned, documenting the port city and tourist destination in his distinctive photonegative style. GOODHOPE, his new book from Peperoni Books, gathers this imagery into a striking narrative of life in South Africa’s oldest city. The book explores Cape Town’s natural magnificence, post-industrial character, and widespread urban poverty.» more

Midwest Sentimental
Nathaniel Grann :: Midwest Sentimental

A biitter sweet family portrait from the USA – critical, direct and ironical, but also affectionate, mild and humorous.» more

Patrick Galbats :: Hit Me One More Time
Hit Me One More Time

A great book about Hungary and legitimate concerns about the future of Europe.» mehr

Edith Maria Balk :: Kintsugi

A big little book about silence ... » more

Up-river Book
André Lützen :: Up-river Book

André Lützen visited the Congo twice, drove up the Congo River on a UN patrol boat and took pictures, aboard and ashore. The route coincides in large part with that of Joseph Conrad in 1890 as an officer aboard the> S.S. Roi des Belges. And like Conrad, who disillusioned after just six months, André Lützen saw the trip on the river as a trip to the "heart of darkness".» more

The Final Winter
Michael Kerstgens :: The Final Winter

Photographed in Moscow during the winter 1990/91.» more

Two Mothers
Fred Hüning /// Two Mothers

Following ›one circle‹, the new book ›two mothers‹ is Fred Hüning's second rilogy with personal work. A great contemporary generation portrait.» more

Hong Kong Storage
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Storage

›Hong Kong Storage‹ is the ninth volume from Michael Wolf’s Hong Kong Back Alley Encyclopedia.» more

The Great Falls
Michael Dalton :: The Great Falls

Photographer Michael Dalton (1985) grew up in New Jersey and in his debut book, The Great Falls, he depicts a city – a park, a waterfall, a derelict stadium, a model home, and the people that remain after the industry leaves.» more

The Light Under the Door
Tsar Fedorsky /// The Light Under the Door

Somewhere in America. Countrysyide.

Streets, wooden houses, landscape.

People, pets, cars.

Inside: Desk, chair, bed.

Sideboard, curtain, Pictures on the wall.


A way to live.

But do you want it that way, can you?

That's what Tsar Fedorsky asks herself.


Of course that must not be of interest for us, were there not the pictures.» more

Michael Wolf Works
Michael Wolf :: Works

MICHAEL WOLF WORKS is the big book with excerpts from all the important works from more than four decades.» more

Reading Raymond Carver
Mary Frey :: Reading Raymond Carver

When Mary Frey began photographing family, friends and strangers in her immediate environment in 1979, she was in a state of transition. Studies finished, first teaching assignment, pregnant - responsibilities, duties, worries - and the need to look for meaning in everyday life.» more

Tokyo Compression Final Cut
Michael Wolf :: Tokyo Compression Final Cut

The fourth and final edition of the photobook classic.

Once again better, more dense, more beautiful, more oppressive than all predecessors.» more

The Eyes Can See What the Mouth Can Not Say
Jacopo Benassi :: The Eyes Can See What the Mouth Can Not Say

Shared love of music from a small underground club in Italy. Captured in great Black & White photographs by Jacopo Benassi.» more

Muss es sein? Es muss sein!
François Goffin :: Muss es sein? Es muss sein!

Torn between responsibility and freedom, between perseverance and escape, between TI AMO and LOVE WILL TEAR US APART.» more

Two Blue Buckets
Peter Fraser :: Two Blue Buckets

The completely renewed ›Director's Cut‹ of this British colour photography classic. With a new essay by Gerry Badger and a conversation David Campany had with Peter Fraser.» more

Strange Encounters
Thomas Hoepker :: Strange Encounters

In his long career as photo-journalist Thomas Hoepker has travelled the world and photographed many dramatic situations for newspapers and magazines. But he also had an eye for crazy, curious and funny moments and encounters, that we have compiled in this splendid picture book.» more

Hong Kong Coat Hangers
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Coat Hangers

›Hong Kong Coat Hangers‹ is the eighth volume from Michael Wolf's Hong Kong Back Alley Encyclopedia, which will be completed in 2017 with the ninth part.» more

Stefano Carnelli :: Transumanza

Transumanza, or transhumance, is an ancient tradition in Lombardy. 60 shepherds still travel with their flocks today. Accompanied by helpers, dogs and donkeys, they lead 1,000 or more sheep from flatland to the mountains in spring, and back to the flat land in autumn.» more

Dystopian Circles
Armand Quetsch :: Dystopian Circles - Fragmants All Along

Oh, Europe.


Armand Quetsch, who a few years ago with ›ephemera‹ has already presented a very peculiar and very extraordinary book, has traveled the continent.» more

Ilaria Turba :: Jest

From my family photographic archive

from 1870s until now.

This book is full of true lies.


Ok, understood so far. Ilaria Turba deals with the archives of her Italian family, with pictures dating from 1870 to the present time. Hmmm, but didn´t we have that already? Yes we had. But we did not have anything like JEST. Miss Turba has not sorted thematically or chronologically, nor is there any story. What happens here is something completely different, something magical - and essentially photographic.» more

Ezra Nahmad :: Leave

The third part of Ezra Nahmad's Israel trilogy.» more

More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages
Torsten Schumann :: More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages

The ludicrous story about a black dot and a passport control that starts the book already says a lot about Torsten Schumann and his view of the world. His images even say more. Namely, that life in the so called civilized world is full of curiosities.» read more

Uproar Area
Michael Kerstgens :: Uproar Area

Labour disputes in Rheinhausen. On November 26, 1987, the Krupp Stahl AG announced plans to close down the steelmill Rheinhausen in the Ruhr area, Germany. It was the beginning of a long labor dispute with numerous partly spectacular actions to preserve the iron and steel plant, that had been founded in 1897» mehr

sur-la Rouge
Josée Schryer :: sur-la Rouge

Somewhere in Canada. Pretty far out. Forest, hills, long narrow streets and paths. One encounters a deer rather than a man.» mehr

1980. IN BERLIN.
Heiko Sievers :: 1980. IN BERLIN.

West Berlin no longer exists.» read more

Instant Tomorrow
Dmitry Lookianov :: Instant Tomorrow

INSTANT TOMORROW is the vision of a dangerous paradise that has long since become reality.» read more

Kosmos Train
Janine Graubaum :: Kosmos Train

Janine Graubaum traveled thousands of kilometers in mighty, rumbling trains through Eastern Europe ...» read more

Andreas Trogisch :: Vineta 1985/1990

Andreas Trogisch has once again immersed into the quarry of his archives and returned with another big chunk. VINETA. The book combines two series he photographed in the streets of East Berlin just before and shortly after the fall of the wall.» read more

Ein verwirrendes Potenzial
Julia Steinigeweg :: Ein verwirrendes Potenzial

They live with dolls. Men have women. Women have men. Women also have babies. Made of Silicon.» read more

Hong Kong Rubber Boots and Shoes
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Rubber Boots and Shoes

›Hong Kong Rubber Boots and Shoes‹ is the seventh volume from Michael Wolf’s series of books about Hong Kong’s Back Alleys, two more books will follow to complete the tremendous cycle. Earlier this year the ›Flowers Gallery‹ in London presented a large solo show with Michael Wolf´s Back Alley photos, videos and installations, currently the show is on at the ›Centre Photographique‹ in Rouen.» read more

Twenty-one Years in One Second
Erik Hinz :: Twenty-one Years in One Second

With this book a dream came true for Erik Hinz and at the same time he made us a present.


Photography is his profession and his passion. For reports, commissioned work, or simply out of curiosity, he has traveled the world with his camera. He doesn't follow a plan, has no concept, he is simply interested in the frequent forms of human behavior in different environments and situations.» mehr

Negative Vision
Hennric Jokeit :: Negative Vision

We can think about the negative without being able to see it.» mehr

Inside Out Kochi
André Lützen :: Inside Out Kochi

Kochi, State of Kerala, India – Monsoon Season.


For ›Inside Out Kochi‹ André Lützen traveled to the harbour city in southwest India.» mehr

Bangkok Struggle
Peter Truschner :: Bangkok Struggle

Bangkok. This name is loaded. Sex tourism, night markets, construction and high-tech boom. Not of any interest for Peter Truschner. When he was in Bangkok in 2011 and 2013 for several months, he stayed in the neighborhoods where traders, craftsmen and workers live, people whose lives are dominated by hard, strenuous work without any prospect of prosperity. Work, eat, drink, sleep - often without a solid roof over the head - an endless cycle.» more

Hong Kong Assemblage Deconstructed
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Assemblage Deconstructed

Five volumes of Michael Wolf´s Hong Kong Back Alley Encyclopedia have already been published  - thematically ordered by chairs, mops, plants or umbrellas. More books with new topics are scheduled. However, this sixth volume in the series is special.» more

2224 Kolkata
Pierre Defaix :: 2224 Kolkata

I never thought that I would publish another book with pictures from India. Until Pierre Defaix showed up with his photos from Kolkata. So strong. Took 5 minutes and it was clear, that this must become a Peperoni Book.» more

Alex Pardi :: Tangenziale

Tangenziale is the inner city highway in Milan. Thousands of people travel on this road every day. Looking ahead. The end in view. Tempo, tempo.» more

Kai-Olaf Hesse :: Nachlass


This can be anything. Money, houses, real estate, valuables, debts. You may accept or reject it. But then there is your story.» more

Oliver Möst :: Kind

According to Araki there is at least one good photo book in every household: The Family Album.» more

Benedetta Großrubatscher :: Ginostra

The question of whether it is possible to photograph the singing of the cicadas, the feeling of a cooling air draft in the midday heat, or the scent of lemons on a damp stone, I would have answered recently with No. Now I know better.» more

Big Champ
Thomas Hoepker :: Big Champ

In 2012 Thomas Hoepker´s book ›Champ‹ has been published by Peperoni Books. Three editions are completely sold out. With ›Big Champ‹ there is now an extended new version of the book with a larger format, many more pages and a lot of so far unpublished photographs from the archives of Thomas Hoepker and Magnum.» more


In Tune - Variations on an Orchestra
Julia Baier :: In Tune - Variations on an Orchestra

For 15 years, the photographer Julia Baier travels with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen to the most famous concert halls in the world and is present at the highly acclaimed performances.» more

Morgan Ashcom :: Leviathan

A mighty strong book by American photographer Morgan Ashcom photographed in Skatopia, Ohio.» more

It was a Grey Day
Gerry Badger :: It was a Grey Day

And then Gerry Badger appears and photographs in ›one of his favorite cities‹ - and is baffled by the images that he has made, as they look so downbeat compared to his conscious idea of the city ...» more

Some More Hong Kong Seating Arrangements
Michael Wolf :: Some More Hong Kong Seating Arrangements

At the latest with this fifth volume it is clear that this series of books develops to Michael Wolf´s Hong Kong Back Alley Encyclopedia..» more

Under Skies of Blue and Grey
Amin El Dib :: Under Skies of Blue and Grey

The series was originally titled ›Walking the Dog‹. For many years, Amin El Dib strolled the woods and fields together with his dog. » more

Andreas Trogisch :: Aphasia

About his photographs Andreas Trogisch says:›In the end it is only light and dark spots on paper, that evoke various emotions.‹

Six photo folders and lately the big book REPLIES have already been published by Peperoni Books, filled with run-of-the-mill motifs which left us marveling and puzzled. The mystery of the banal. I do not understand the world anymore. No one does. » more

Hong Kong Umbrella
Michael Wolf, Lam Yik Fei :: Hong Kong Umbrella

Hong Kong's rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book HONG KONG UMBRELLA he turns his attention to countless umbrellas in the Back Alleys of the metropolis. » more

Sounds Hell
Ezra Nahmad :: Sounds Hell

›Sounds Hell‹ is the second volume in Ezra Nahmad's Israel trilogy and like ›Sans | Without‹ it contains material from various sources. Own photographs and collages, media images and historical photographs paired with images and recordings from friends who work in the army. » more

Private Rooms
Fred Hüning :: Private Rooms

Pictures, pictures, pictures - the Internet is packed. But what sense does it make to show the free accessible online images as print on the wall or in books?» more

Dagmer Kolatschny :: Sunny

Why is this book named ›Sunny‹? The facades are dirty gray, windows are dust blind and splintered, the staircase needs a new paint, rooms are empty, chairs have toppled or stand unused in the corner and outdoors the weeds grow. Berlin. » more

In Still Air
Dana Stölzgen :: In Still Air

Dana Stölzgen has made a tremendously tender book.

Time seems to stand still in the landscape shots, close ups and interiors exactly as in the portraits of young girls, adult and old women.» more

Jens Liebchen :: System

Jens Liebchen's book ›System‹ is a delight with a false bottom. The pictures show a magical winter wonderland, a deserted, pristine snowy landscape with beautifully sprouted trees, that emerge, individually or in groups, filigree, snow-covered and delicate green on the branches from the soft white and gray surroundings. A natural spectacle of perfect beauty. So it seems - but it is not that simple.» more

Zhili Byli
André Lützen :: Zhili Byli

Arkhangelsk / Russia / still another 140 miles to the Arctic Circle.» mehr

Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements

Following HONG KONG TRILOGY and HONG KONG FLORA, SEATING ARRANGEMENTS is the third of a total of 9 volumes in which Michael Wolf celebrates the diverse aspects of street life in Hong Kong and the improvisational skills of the urban residents. » mehr

Andreas Trogisch :: Replies

The head makes Click.
The shutter makes Clack.
That's it.

It is pure magic  » mehr

Danila Tkachenko :: Escape

People who have decided to withdraw from society and live alone and isolated in the wilderness. Russia and Ukraine.  » more

Shift Brazil 14/16
Shift Photoproject :: Shift Brazil 14/16

The name reveals what this book is about. Shift Brazil 14/16 deals in words and pictures with the processes of social and urban change in Brazil before the upcoming mega sport events, the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016. » more

Hong Kong Flora
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Flora

Hong Kong´s rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book HONG KONG FLORA he turns his attention to plants and flowers in the urban jungle of the metropolis.  » more

Coal not Dole
Michael Kerstgens :: Coal not Dole

The Miners' Strike 1984/1985. » more



Hong Kong Trilogy
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Trilogy

With ›Hong Kong Trilogy‹ Michael Wolf has created another monument for the breathless untidy everyday culture of his beloved city. » more

Juliane Eirich :: Itoshima

Juliane Eirich knew Japan already from previous visits, when she returned in the summer of 2011 in order to work here. But this time things were much different. A few months earlier the earthquake had destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The enthusiasm and curiosity for the foreign country mingled with a subliminal feeling of fear and threat.  » more

History of the Visit
Daniel Reuter :: History of the Visit

The minimalistic aesthetics of this book remind me of a sophisticated piece of electronic music. It´s not the rhythm or the melody that drives the piece forward, it´s the sound that fills the room while layers of the same but offset played patterns generate complexity.  » more

one circle
Fred Hüning :: one circle

Fred Hünings Trilogy of personal works in one book. » more

25 Weeks of Winter
Ekaterina Anokhina :: 25 Weeks of Winter

With only few very different and wonderfully sequenced images, photographed in black and white or color, indoors and outdoors, abstract and concrete, grainy and out of focus or cristall clear, Ekaterina Anokhina creates a powerful poem about the painful separation of two lovers and makes the symptoms of one of the worst diseases palpable.  » more

be happy!
Igor Samolet :: be happy!

›be happy!‹ leads directly into the wild hustle and bustle of a group of young people in Russia. » more

The Good Earth
Andreas Weinand :: The Good Earth

A great story about three seniors working their land.» more

Water Matters
Julia Baier :: Water Matters

Swimming is a delicate balance between flying and sinking.» more

Without | Sans
Ezra Nahmad :: Without | Sans

Now you have built many borders and wherever you walk, you sense how risk transforms the light.  » more

Roger Eberhard :: Norma

34 pictures of houses and trees. The houses are standing clean and intact in the dim evening light directly on the roadside. The trees look healthy with their green crowns in bright sunlight against a pale blue sky. However, something is wrong here, but what?» more

Small God, Big City
Michael Wolf :: Small God, Big City

Michael Wolf continues his celebration of Hong Kong vernacular culture with ›Small God, Big City‹, drawing attention again to overlooked objects in this visually rich and dense urban environment.» more

Anna & Eve
Viktoria Sorochinski :: Anna & Eve

A child's view on the adult world .» more

Landscapes & Memory
Jo Röttger :: Landscapes & Memory

Germany / Afghanistan / Germany.
30 Photographs by Jo Röttger.» more

Thomas Hoepker :: Heartland

Thomas Hoepker's road trip through America 1963. » more

Post Mortem
Patrik Budenz :: Post Mortem

Today, death has mostly vanished from public perception. Most people die in institutions, and in case someone actually still dies at home, the corpse is immediately taken away by morticians in order to prepare the burial. But what happens with a corpse between the moment it is given into the care of professionals and the burial? » more

Armand Quetsch :: ephemera



visually stunning

» more

Bottrop-Ebel 76
Michael Wolf :: Bottrop-Ebel 76

Michael Wolf is worldwide known for his work about ›life in cities‹ and some of the most significant series have already been published in books: ›Tokyo Compression‹, ›Hong Kong Inside Outside‹, ›A Series of Unfortunate Events‹ to mention a few.

And now ›Bottrop-Ebel 76‹ which is quite a different story. As a student Michael Wolf has photographed the series in 1976 in the small coal-mining village in the Ruhr-District, Germany and submitted it for the exam to his teacher Otto Steinert at the Folkwangschule in Essen - at that time as a classical social documentation sorted by categories such as ›building types‹, ›working population‹, ›youngsters‹ or ›festivities and associations‹. Now with the distance of more than 35 years the work has been looked through carefully again and put together for the book in a much more free manner.» more

Architecture of Density
Michael Wolf :: Architecture of Density

This book has been published before as part of the two-book set "Hong Kong Inside Outside“ erschienen, which is completely sold out. Now „Architecture of Density“ comes in a new edition as a stand alone book. » more

Tokyo Compression Three
Michael Wolf :: Tokyo Compression Three

The third edition of the photobook classic.

With "Tokyo Compression" Michael Wolf struck a nerve. His portraits of people who are on their way in the Tokyo subway, constrained between glass, steel and fellow travelers, have won many awards and were shown in exhibitions around the globe. The first two editions of this book are sold out. » more

Rented Rooms
Torben Höke :: Rented Rooms

Torben Höke travelled for three months through India. He sat in buses and trains, sometimes for as long as 35 hours a stretch. He rambled from Calcutta to Varanasi to Bangalore further in the South and then back to Calcutta again. He saw poverty and wealth, Rolls Royces and rickshaws, splendid temples and the hippies of Goa, overcrowded trains on their way to the mega-metropolis of Mumbai and buses that teeter on rocky slopes as they travel through the dusty hinterland. In short, he saw much of the contradictory beauty and sprawling size of India, yet there is nothing of this in his pictures. » more

Am Boden
Denis Brudna :: Am Boden

He does not really like New Year`s Eve, says Denis Brudna. Not the programmed party mood, not the fireworks, after which you can set the clock and, actually, not what is left from all the drinking, popping, being merry. The garbage.?? Actually.?? » more

Thomas Hoepker :: Champ

Ali was the greatest. A great sportsman, a controversial thinker, who, with his appearances in and outside the ring enthralled people but also offended many. A polarizing figure, unforgotten until now. Thomas Hoepker had the opportunity to spend time with Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali and take photographs » more

Roger Eberhard / James Nizam :: Tumulus

Dark green and brown tones prevail in these images. Untouched undergrowth, interspersed with moss and ferns. Rainforest. And yet people have left traces. Crumbling into decay, wood huts are to be seen in some pictures, more or less shaped piles of planks, beams and wedges on others. Mysterious remains of bygone bustle already overlaid and penetrated by the returning nature, photographed rich in detail but inexplicable. An idea of eternity is blowing through these images.» more

Irina Ruppert :: Rodina

The desire for security and belonging is one of the dominant feelings. Everyone is longing for home, but when childhood is gone, one finds it only and mostly unexpectedly in the memory, it does not matter if one stayed or left. Irina Ruppert came from Kazakhstan to Germany with her family at the age of seven. Now, decades later, she is drawn towards the east. Instinctively, over and over again. Because of the memory – or the idea of it. » more

Lost in Time
Marc Theis :: Lost in Time

Not another industrial ruin, one is tempted to say. But this time the situation is different, because in the images, which Marc Theis has taken on the abandoned Continental-site in Hannover, the different time levels interlace to a peculiar dialogue of generations. » more

Die Deutschen Vietnamesen
Stefan Canham/Nguyen Phuong-Dan :: Die Deutschen Vietnamesen

Germany and Vietnam are connected by a special history. Both countries were separated for a long time, both are reunited again nowadays. In different epochs after World War II, there have been migration shifts from Vietnam to Germany for various reasons. In an artistic-photographic manner, the book deals with the present life situation and everyday life of those Viet Kieu – the foreign Vietnamese. They all brought a piece of Germany to Vietnam and preserve the long-time relationship to Germany on the most different levels. » more

Tokyo Compression Revisited
Michael Wolf :: Tokyo Compression Revisited

With "Tokyo Compression" Michael Wolf struck a nerve. His portraits of people who are on their way in the Tokyo subway, constrained between glass, steel and fellow travelers, have won many awards and were shown in exhibitions around the globe. The first edition of this book was sold out after a few weeks. And the topic kept haunting Michael Wolf as well. He returned to Tokyo in order to immerse in the subsurface insanity once again and this time even deeper. Now with "Tokyo Compression Revisited" the second, completely revised edition of the classic is published, with many so far unreleased images and an entirely new "hidden track" at the end of the book. » more

Real Fake Art
Michael Wolf :: Real Fake Art

Strange, this is how these pictures appear at first sight. In front of typical Chinese urban backdrops young Chinese men and women present oil paintings by American and European artists from different epochs. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, even photographs by Lee Friedlander, William Eggleston, Bernd and Hilla Becher or August Sander can be found among the works. What stands behind all this?» more

Quæstiones medico-legales
Patrik Budenz :: Quæstiones medico-legales

Every evening TV-shows like CSI, Crossing Jordan or Quincy show legal medical experts at work and the field of forensics also have long since entered the German crime series. But the medical image of forensic medicine has only little in common with reality. In fact, only few people have realistic ideas of how things work in the autopsy hall or the forensic laboratories and what else belongs to the legal medical’s everyday life. The photographer Patrik Budenz wanted to find out more. On the basis of the medial image, he accompanied the forensic medicals during their work at the site of crime, in the section room, in the laboratory and at their desk. » more

Autonome Bilder
Amin El Dib :: Autonome Bilder

Amin El Dib makes art with photography and you have to take this literally: For him, the medium is nothing more and nothing less than the material, whose exploration defines his oeuvre. What unites him with the artists of all time periods and media, is the radicalness of his approach; from basic considerations about the materiality and mediality of photography he defines the limits, which he exceeds – especially in order to know where they are.
» more

Toyko Compression
Michael Wolf :: Tokyo Compression

Michael Wolf's latest pictures have also been generated in a big city: Tokyo. But this time Tokyo’s architecture is not the topic. Michael Wolf’s “Tokyo Compression” focuses on the craziness of Tokyo’s underground system. For his shots he has chosen a location which relentlessly provides his camera with new pictures minute per minute.» more

When Shadows Cast People
Julia Kissina :: When Shadows Cast People

Julia Kissina’s photographs are populated with figures, which scare us. Bodies are deforming, children develop additional arms and legs and her “freaks” seem to come from another galaxy, even when they look like people.» more


Grenzarchiv West-Berlin 1978/1979
Hans W. Mende :: Grenzarchiv West-Berlin 1978/1979

During his more than 160 km long border survey Hans W. Mende has captured the Wall and border facilities, but primarily the development of the urban space close to the frontier - unagitated, large-sized and with the precise eye for coherences and details, which is so typical of him.
» more

Hong Kong Inside Outside
Michael Wolf :: Hong Kong Inside Outsid

For more than 14 years German photographer Michael Wolf has been living in Hong Kong. Focused on the specific visual elements he has depicted high density living in one of the world’s most crowded cities like nobody has before. HONG KONG INSIDE OUTSIDE combines two major series of his work titled Architecture of Density and 100 x 100.
» more

Wilson's World
Jo Röttger :: Wilson's World

Jo Röttger has accompanied Robert Wilson, the great man of theater, on his unresting global flight. In the Watermill Center, Long Island, in his apartment in New York, during preparations and rehearsals of different productions in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin and Taiwan, during the encounter with dervish dancers in Istanbul and Athens, during the opening of the VOOM exhibition in New York. Jo Röttger has kept distance and therefore has come that close.
» more



Mother India
Isadora Tast :: Mother India

In her insistent series “Mother India” Isadora Tast shows sensitive portraits from very diverse people, who came to India during their search for a homeland and for meaning and just stayed there. Short vitas and extracts from conversations, which Isadora Tast held with the emigrants complement this photo series.
» more

Clackastigmat 6.0
Oliver Möst :: Clackastigmat 6.0

Oliver Möst is a spectacles wearer. He is shortsighted, without cut glasses in front of his eyes he sees everything blurred – and that badly. Primarily because of that, he is bothered by the question, in how far the things he sees equal the things others see, with or without spectacles. Because the world does not provide pictures, we create them ourselves.
» more

Portraits from above. Fotografien von Stefan Canham, Architekturzeichnungen von Rufina Wu
Rufina Wu, Stefan Canham :: Portraits from above - Hong Kong's informal rooftop communities

Self-built, informal settlements on the roofs of high-rise buildings are an integral part of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. The rise of rooftop communities is closely linked to the migration history from Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong. With each of China’s tumultuous political movements in the 20th century, like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, there was a corresponding wave of Mainland Chinese migrating to Hong Kong.
» more

Portraits from Above / 2nd Edition
Rufina Wu, Stefan Canham :: Portraits from above - Hong Kong's informal rooftop communities :: 2nd Edition

Self-built, informal settlements on the roofs of high-rise buildings are an integral part of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. The rise of rooftop communities is closely linked to the migration history from Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong. With each of China’s tumultuous political movements in the 20th century, like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, there was a corresponding wave of Mainland Chinese migrating to Hong Kong.
» more

Global Soul, Fotografien von Henrik Spohler
Henrik Spohler :: Global Soul

It is not possible to locate where exactly the soul is at home. Yet the
soul stands not only for an identity, but also for a principle that has
gained general validity far and wide. In his new publication Global Soul,
the Hamburg photographer Henrik Spohler (*1965) presents unusual,
as yet unseen interior views of industrial production.» more

Climate Refugee Guide Berlin, Hermann Josef Hack.
H.J. Hack :: Climate Refugee Guide Berlin

This “Guide for Climate Refugees“ is perhaps your first encounter with a topic which so far has hardly entered public consciousness. The artist Hermann Josef Hack sees himself as a “sensor“ for social and political challenges. For years he has been drawing the public‘s attention to serious and pressing social problems with his “happenings“ on topics such as unemployment, poverty or climate change.
» more

Julia Baier :: Sento

A public bath house in Japan is called “Sento” and is usually a hidden, intimate place. Japanese people don’t go there to swim but to wash and to clean themselves and to relax. Aside from this personal aspect bathing in Japan has a highly spiritual meaning.
» more

The Danube River Project. Fotografien von Andreas Müller-Pohle.
Andreas Müller-Pohle :: The Danube River Project

Berlin photographer and media artist Andreas Müller-Pohle has pro-duced an extraordinary portrait of this mighty river in his “Danube River Project”. The photographs, taken from both below and above the river‘s surface, provide a “intriguing fresh vision” (Ivaylo Ditchev) of the Danube with its unique urban panoramas and natural phenomena, its bridges, harbors and factories.» more

Schauplatz : Berlin. Fotografien von Iris Czak und Marei Wenzel.
Iris Czak, Marei Wenzel :: Schauplatz : Berlin

Iris Czak and Marei Wenzel are location scouts. On their rambles through Berlin they have photographed thousands of places and rooms, which merge to an irritating image of the city in this comprehensive book. An essay by Roger Boyes accompanies this photo series.
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Die Rote Burg. Fotografien von Hannes Wanderer und Andreas Göx.
Wanderer, Göx :: Die Rote Burg

In this book Andreas Göx and Hannes Wanderer provide the big portrait of the broadcasting area of the DDR, which has been lying nearly unused in a big sleep for many years. The future is uncertain. With over 200 colored illustrations and a detailed text by Bettina Baltschev.
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Makis Haustierbuch. Zeichnungen von Maki Shimizu.
Maki Shimizu :: Makis Haustierbuch

Maki Shimizu found „The Haustierbuch“, a book from 1955, rejected at the attic of a youth hostel in the Southern Germany. At that time she could not understand the texts. Nevertheless she enjoyed the book, so much that she made drawings and prints of all of the old photographs from the book and finally she also typewrote the whole text word by word.
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Bauwagen | Mobile Squatters. Fotografien von Stefan Canham.
Stefan Canham :: Bauwagen | Mobile Squatters

In Germany over 10.000 people permanently live in “Bauwagen” (contractor’s sheds). The photographer Stefan Canham traced this phenomenon and shows sensible indoor and outdoor photographs from a nearly unknown environment. A detailed essay by Goesta Diercks deepens the discussion.
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Time Out | Leere Läden in Berlin. Fotografien von Hannes Wanderer und Andreas Göx.
Wanderer, Göx :: Time Out | Leere Läden in Berlin

The photographers Hannes Wanderer and Andreas Göx have photographed more than 3.000 empty shops in Berlin. Everyone knows them, scarcely anyone has seen them.
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