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Julia Baier :: In Tune - Variations on an Orchestra
Gerry Badger :: It was a Grey Day
Morgan Ashcom :: Leviathan

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Julia Baier
In Tune - Variations on an Orchestra

For 15 years, the photographer Julia Baier travels with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen to the most famous concert halls in the world and is present at the highly acclaimed performances. » more

Morgan Ashcom

A mighty strong book by American photographer Morgan Ashcom photographed in Skatopia, Ohio. » more

Gerry Badger
It Was a Grey Day
Photographs of Berlin

And then Gerry Badger appears and photographs in ›one of his favorite cities‹ - and is baffled by the images that he has made, as they look so downbeat compared to his conscious idea of the city ... » more

Andreas Trogisch


About his photographs Andreas Trogisch says:›In the end it is only light and dark spots on paper, that evoke various emotions.‹

Six photo folders and lately the big book REPLIES have already been published by Peperoni Books, filled with run-of-the-mill motifs which left us marveling and puzzled. The mystery of the banal. I do not understand the world anymore. No one does. » more

Michael Wolf / Lam Yik Fei

Hong Kong Umbrella

Hong Kong's rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book HONG KONG UMBRELLA he turns his attention to countless umbrellas in the Back Alleys of the metropolis. » more

Ezra Nahmad

Sounds Hell

›Sounds Hell‹ is the second volume in Ezra Nahmad's Israel trilogy and like ›Sans | Without‹ it contains material from various sources. Own photographs and collages, media images and historical photographs paired with images and recordings from friends who work in the army. » more

Fred Hüning

Private Rooms

Pictures, pictures, pictures - the Internet is packed. But what sense does it make to show the free accessible online images as print on the wall or in books? » more

Dagmer Kolatschny


Why is this book named ›Sunny‹? The facades are dirty gray, windows are dust blind and splintered, the staircase needs a new paint, rooms are empty, chairs have toppled or stand unused in the corner and outdoors the weeds grow. Berlin. » more

André Lützen

Zhili Byli

Arkhangelsk / Russia / still another 140 miles to the Arctic Circle» more

Jens Liebchen

Jens Liebchen's book ›System‹ is a delight with a false bottom. The pictures show a magical winter wonderland, a deserted, pristine snowy landscape with beautifully sprouted trees, that emerge, individually or in groups, filigree, snow-covered and delicate green on the branches from the soft white and gray surroundings. A natural spectacle of perfect beauty. So it seems - but it is not that simple.» more

Dana Stölzgen
In Still Air

Dana Stölzgen has made a tremendously tender book.

Time seems to stand still in the landscape shots, close ups and interiors exactly as in the portraits of young girls, adult and old women.» more

Michael Wolf
Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements

Following HONG KONG TRILOGY and HONG KONG FLORA, SEATING ARRANGEMENTS is the third of a total of 9 volumes in which Michael Wolf celebrates the diverse aspects of street life in Hong Kong and the improvisational skills of the urban residents.» more

Andreas Trogisch

The head makes Click.
The shutter makes Clack.
That's it.

It is pure magic  » more

Danila Tkachenko

People who have decided to withdraw from society and live alone and isolated in the wilderness. Russia and Ukraine.   » more

Shift Photoproject
Shift Brazil 14/16

The name reveals what this book is about. Shift Brazil 14/16 deals in words and pictures with the processes of social and urban change in Brazil before the upcoming mega sport events, the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016.  » more

Michael Wolf
Hong Kong Flora

Hong Kong´s rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book HONG KONG FLORA he turns his attention to plants and flowers in the urban jungle of the metropolis.   » more

Michael Kerstgens
Coal not Dole

The Miners' Strike 1974 / 1985 » more

Michael Wolf
Hong Kong Trilogy

With ›Hong Kong Trilogy‹ Michael Wolf has created another monument for the breathless untidy everyday culture of his beloved city.  » more

Juliane Eirich

Juliane Eirich knew Japan already from previous visits, when she returned in the summer of 2011 in order to work here. But this time things were much different. A few months earlier the earthquake had destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The enthusiasm and curiosity for the foreign country mingled with a subliminal feeling of fear and threat.  » more

Daniel Reuter
History of the Visit

The minimalistic aesthetics of this book remind me of a sophisticated piece of electronic music. It´s not the rhythm or the melody that drives the piece forward, it´s the sound that fills the room while layers of the same but offset played patterns generate complexity.  » more

Igor Samolet
be happy!

›be happy!‹ leads directly into the wild hustle and bustle of a group of young people in Russia.» more

Fred Hüning
one circle

Fred Hünings Trilogy of personal works in one book.» more

Ekaterina Anokhina
25 Weeks of Winter

With only few very different and wonderfully sequenced images, photographed in black and white or color, indoors and outdoors, abstract and concrete, grainy and out of focus or cristall clear, Ekaterina Anokhina creates a powerful poem about the painful separation of two lovers and makes the symptoms of one of the worst diseases palpable.» more

Viktoria Sorochinski
Anna & Eve

A great narrative about children and adults.» more

Andreas Weinand
The Good Earth

A great story about three seniors working their land.» more

Julia Baier
Water Matters

Swimming is a delicate balance between flying and sinking.» more

Ezra Nahmad
Without | Sans

Ezra Nahmad has made an elusive but incredibly touching book about the land of his origin – Israel. » more

Roger Eberhard

34 pictures of houses and trees. The houses are standing clean and intact in the dim evening light directly on the roadside. The trees look healthy with their green crowns in bright sunlight against a pale blue sky. However, something is wrong here, but what?» more

Michael Wolf
Small God, Big City

Michael Wolf continues his celebration of Hong Kong vernacular culture with ›Small God, Big City‹, drawing attention again to overlooked objects in this visually rich and dense urban environment.» more

Jo Röttger
Landscapes & Memory

Germany / Afghanistan / Germany.
30 Photographs by Jo Röttger.» more

Thoamas Hoepker

Thomas Hoepker's road trip through America 1963. » more

Patrik Budenz

Post Mortem

Today, death has mostly vanished from public perception. Most people die in institutions, and in case someone actually still dies at home, the corpse is immediately taken away by morticians in order to prepare the burial. But what happens with a corpse between the moment it is given into the care of professionals and the burial? » more

/// More books:

Michael Wolf

Bottrop-Ebel 76

Michael Wolf is worldwide known for his work about ›life in cities‹ and some of the most significant series have already been published in books: ›Tokyo Compression‹, ›Hong Kong Inside Outside‹, ›A Series of Unfortunate Events‹ to mention a few.

And now ›Bottrop-Ebel 76‹ which is quite a different story. As a student Michael Wolf has photographed the series in 1976 in the small coal-mining village in the Ruhr-District, Germany and submitted it for the exam to his teacher Otto Steinert at the Folkwangschule in Essen - at that time as a classical social documentation sorted by categories such as ›building types‹, ›working population‹, ›youngsters‹ or ›festivities and associations‹. Now with the distance of more than 35 years the work has been looked through carefully again and put together for the book in a much more free manner. » more

Michael Wolf

Architecture of Density

This book has been published before as part of the two-book set "Hong Kong Inside Outside“ erschienen, which is completely sold out. Now „Architecture of Density“ comes in a new edition as a stand alone book. » more

Michael Wolf

Tokyo Compression Three

The third edition of the photobook classic.

With "Tokyo Compression" Michael Wolf struck a nerve. His portraits of people who are on their way in the Tokyo subway, constrained between glass, steel and fellow travelers, have won many awards and were shown in exhibitions around the globe. The first two editions of this book are sold out. » more

Andreas Weinand

Colossal Youth

Melanie, Öhner, Stiffel, Limbo, Gero, Anna and her friends are young and live in Essen when Andreas Weinand spends much time with them and takes pictures from 1988 to 1990. While the first episode of the “Simpsons” is broadcasted in the USA, Florence Griffith-Joyner wins three Olympic gold medals in Seoul, the Berlin Wall falls and Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web, the storm of youth rages within the clique, going full blast.
» more

Rufina Wu. Stefan Canham.

Portraits from above - Hong Kong's informal rooftop communities

Self-built, informal settlements on the roofs of high-rise buildings are an integral part of Hong Kong’s urban landscape. The rise of rooftop communities is closely linked to the migration history from Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong. With each of China’s tumultuous political movements in the 20th century, like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, there was a corresponding wave of Mainland Chinese migrating to Hong Kong.
» more


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